Real BI at work

Static reporting

While static reports aren't viewed as the glamorous part of your BI solution, they are a necessity.

Many of your colleagues will rely on reports that show them exactly what they need, in the same reliable layout and format, day-in, day-out.

The fact that these reports can be delivered to inboxes throughout your organisation before you get up for work makes them even more relied upon and valued.


Dashboards, done properly, will allow you to see at-a-glance, on a single screen all your key information.

We aren't talking about three pie charts flung hastily together so you can't see the wood for the trees. Our dashboards contain multiple tiles, typically a dozen or so, that clearly convey a message and allow click-throughs, so you can see more detail if you need it.

dashboards can be viewed on any size of screen - from a PC to a mobile phone.

Ad-hoc Analysis

Ad-hoc analysis allows you to go anywhere you like within your retail data warehouse.

Perhaps you've been asked to find out which seasonal promotion is achieving the best sales and whether any of the items in that promotion are running low on stock.

Which stores are down versus last year and could that be affected by a difference in weather conditions?

Which customers have spending patterns that have dropped in the last 12 months and which others might be starting to show the same traits?

Which associates in your stores are showing an unusually high tendency for giving out refunds or discounting.

All of the above and much more can be achieved in a few minutes when you have Infodepth's real BI solution.

Mobile BI

Mobile BI - via a browser or more commonly an app - will ensure that colleagues who are often away from the office don't have to rely solely on emailed static reports.

Microsoft's Power BI service and app connected to Infodepth's real BI solution will allow powerful analysis on the move.

Colleagues can create their own dashboards and reports and share with co-workers or consume reports that others have built.

Data can be viewed in real-time via a live connection to Infodepth.

One Central, Clean Information Source

Regardless of the type of data consumer you are, you will go to the same central, clean and reliable source for your information and reporting needs - the Infodepth data warehouse.

Retailers throughout the world rely on us - why not join them and see the difference a true data warehouse can make?