At Infodepth, we have been building real BI solutions for retailers for over 15 years.

We believe that gives us an extensive knowledge of what retailers want from their corporate data.

Which is why we won't turn up at your office with a blank sheet of paper and hope that you can fill it in for us.

Our popular "honeycomb" approach, means that we will start with each business area to be covered.

For each of those areas we will then recommend the key areas for analysis and the data items we need to achieve that. This approach allows us to meld our experience of what other retailers have achieved with your specific and unique requirements.

The result is a powerful solution that reaches far beyond simply replicating what you are currently doing.

The solution is built on a modular basis, which means that, if you implement a new operational area or system, we can simply bolt that into the honeycomb design in a seamless fashion.